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Communist Brainstorming

Marx: "Alright, first item on the agenda: Does anyone have any ideas on how to overthrow capitalism?"

Goldman: "What if we painted a large pile of money on the side of a wall, and the capitalists will run for it trying to get the money, the smack into the wall, injuring themselves? "

Marx: "Uh...okay Goldman... moving on. Any other ideas?"
Engels: "Yeah, what if we expel the anarchists? "

Kropotkin: "How will that end capitalism?"
Engels: "Maybe we'll be stronger with...less people?"

Kropotkin: "What we really need to do is form another committee..."
Marx: "No, damnit, Kropotkin, no more committees. This is the committee."

Kropotkin: "Who made you the king of communism anyway, Marx?"
Marx: "Alright, that's it, anarchists get out!"
Kropotkin: "Gladly!"

Engels: "Now what are we going to do?"
Marx: "Well.."

Description: they have painted a large bag of money on the wall and rich people are crashing into it.
Marx: "Wow, she was right. This does work."
Also has anyone tried running really fast away from capitalists and getting them to chase you over a cliff? Could work.
Philosophers in this comic: Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Emma Goldman, Peter Kropotkin
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