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Philosophy at the Olympics

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Announcer: "Welcome back to the Olympic games, our next event: philosophy."

Announcer: "First up, Thales. He had a poor showing last Olympics with his “everyone is made of dirt” theory. Let's see if he can do better today. "

Thales: "Everything is made of...water."

Announcer: "Alright, let's go to the judges. Not a bad score, surprisingly."
Description: Scores show: 8.1, 9.2, 8.8

Announcer: "Next up is Zeno of Elea. Let's see what he has to say."

Zeno: "If Achilles had to catch up to a tortoise in a race he'd first have to reach the spot the tortoise was at."

Zeno: "But the tortoise will have moved, so then he'd have to reach that spot next, but it will have moved again, thus he could never catch up with it. Motion is impossible."

Announcer: "A bit similar to his “an arrow would have to go halfway” thought experiment from last Olympics, or his “Achilles has to catch a snail” from the year before. Looks like the judges agree."
Description: Scores show: 7.2, 8.0, 7.6
Announcer: "Okay, here comes Socrates, let's see if he can follow up on his Gold Medal performance at the last games."

Socrates: "Everything all these guys just said is total bullshit."

Announcer: "And the crowd goes wild!"

Announcer: "A perfect score, he really is the wisest man in Athens, and it's not even close!"

Announcer: "Socrates wins gold yet again."

Socrates, standing on the podium: "Yes! Socrates rules!"
"But what really does it mean to be the best? It fuckin' rules, that's what it means."
Philosophers in this comic: Socrates, Zeno of Elea, Thales
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