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Calvin and Thomas Hobbes

Calvin: "I hate homework, why do we have to do it anyway?"
Hobbes: "Because we must all submit to higher authority if we want to avoid a chaotic, brutal war of all against all.  "
Calvin: "Oh...uh, i guess."

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Bully: "Hey kid, give me your lunch money, or I'll pound you!"
Calvin: "This is an affront! An unjust coercion to my person!"
Hobbes: "Wrong! There is only physical coercion and he is giving you a free choice between robbery and pain. He is well within his moral rights to do so in the state of nature."
Bully: "Yeah! What he said."

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Calvin: "Hobbes, do you ever dream of your spirit flying far away?"
Hobbes: "No, because spirits don't exist and neither do dreams, all that exists are material bodies, Now get back to obeying the monarch!"
Calvin: "I really don't care for you, Hobbes, let's not hang out anymore."
Of course Hobbes was named after Thomas Hobbes, but Bill Watterson was too much of an intellectual coward to have the majority of the comics be based around the Leviathan.
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