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Socratic Emergency

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Plato: "Socrates, come quick, there is an emergency! "
Socrates: "What is it? "
Plato: "Something terrible has happened down at the agora."

Plato: "Someone is claiming to know something! "

Socrates: "Noooooooooooooooo!"
Plato: "Noooooooooooooooo!"

Socrates: "We have to do something. To the Socratesmobile!"

Plato: "Socratesmobile? What is that? "

Socrates: "That's just what i call it when i make these four slaveboys carry me around."

Socrates, four slaves carrying him: "Faster! People are being wrong as we speak!"

Plato: "Can i ride Socrates? "

Socrates: "No, wisest men in Athens only, read the sign!"
Description: there is a sign on the site that says "wisest men in Athens only".
Protagoras: "...and that's why I know..."
Description: Socrates interrupts him by punching him, then continues to kick him on the ground.

Plato: "Socrates, what are you doing? I thought you were going to engage him in a dialogue to try to teach him why he was wrong? "

Socrates: "Nah, I tried that for like 40 years, turns out it doesn't work."
Plato: "And punching does?"

Socrates: "No, but it is more satisfying."
Plato: "I know he was wrong, but that seems a bit harsh."

Socrates, narrowing his eyes: "Did you just say that you “know” he was wrong? "
Plato, backing off: "Socrates, no, please, i just meant..."

Description: Socrates is now kicking Plato on the ground.
It was around that point that Plato realized an ultimate truth in philosophy: he was freakin' jacked and didn't have to take anyone's shit.
Philosophers in this comic: Socrates, Plato
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