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Philosopher's Cookoff

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Host: "Welcome back to Philosopher's Cookoff, where philosophers try to create the best dish. Let's get back to the action. "

Host: "Hume seems to struggling with his risotto, I'm not sure if the rice will cook in time."

Host: "Meanwhile Wittgenstein just added, well something to his soup. I didn't see what it was but it came out of a box labeled “beetles”. "

Host: "And the Buddha seems to be not doing much of anything. I can't tell if he's panicked or has reached a higher state of enlightenment. "

Host: "Alright, time is up, let's see what the judges think."

Judge: "Hume, the dish is seasoned well, but your rice is way under cooked. "

Hume: "Yes, i took a risk, the dish takes 40 minutes to cook, i tried to cook it in 20. I was hoping the laws of physics might have suddenly changed."

Judge: "Buddha, what happened? You aren't presenting a dish? "

Buddha: "Yes, it is a metaphor for how desire leads to suffering, and we must empty ourselves of desire to achieve a higher state of being."
Buddha: "Also, i lost track of time and burned my souffle. "

Judge: "Wittgenstein? Where to begin... this tastes absolutely disgusting."

Second Judge: "Yeah, i agree, this is disgusting, what is in this?"

Wittgenstein: "Ahh yes, but when each of us say something tastes "disgusting", there is no way to know if we are all experiencing the same sensation."

Wittgenstein: "So while you've both learned to use the word "disgusting" to successfully navigate social situations and participate in language games.."

Wittgenstein:: "...internally you might be feeling different tastes, even pleasant ones, so the dish might be good!"

Judge: "No, i'm pretty sure it's just bad."
"When you think about it though 'you are a terrible cook, Wittgenstein' is just a move in a language game..."
Philosophers in this comic: David Hume, Gautama Buddha, Ludwig Wittgenstein
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