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Francis Bacon Invents Science

Francis Bacon: "Everyone, hey everyone, listen up. I have this great new idea that will totally revolutionize the world. "

Francis Bacon: "We must dismiss all prejudices and preconceptions and collect facts by observing the natural world."
Person in crowd: "Sounds stupid."
Francis Bacon: "Sounds not stupid!"

Person: "Why don't we just find the truth by thinking about things really hard? "

Francis Bacon: "Because! It's far better to set up theories and then observe the actual world to see if theory matches up with prediction."

Francis Bacon: "But how do you know it's better?"

Francis Bacon thinks about it, then replies angrily: "I thought about it really hard, okay!"
"Wait no, I'm changing my answer, I *empirically observed* how stupid other people's ideas were."
Philosophers in this comic: Francis Bacon
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