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Thales Picks Water

Thales: "All things are from a single substance. All creation flows out of this substance, the multiplicity that you see are merely the various forms of this one substance."

Student: "So what is the substance that forms all other substances."
Thales: "Water."
Student: "Yes, but why water?"

Thales: "Well, you see if heat water up, it changes into air. If you cool it down it solidifies into ice. Water is clearly capable of changing forms."

Thales: "So uh...following that same logic...uh...under different circumstance it could probably change into a horse or whatever. Plus, most things are like...pretty wet when you think about it."

Student: "Yeah but....how does it change into a horse?!?"

Thales: "Look, you just don't get it. Water can be lots of things okay? Why couldn't it be a horse?"

Thales: "In fact, one time i saw water change into a goose."

Descriptions: students start to leave the lecture.

Thales, yelling: "Whatever, screw you guys, it's not like anyone else has any better ideas about the ultimate nature of reality!"
Thales, after looking around and seeing how many things aren't water: "god damnit."
Philosophers in this comic: Thales
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