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Why Do Philosophy?

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Science dude: "Philosophy is useless. Science is all we need. Science has given us the iPhone, what has philosophy done?"

Philosopher: "Are you serious?"
Science dude: "Yeah, name one thing philosophy has given us that is useful."

Philosopher: "I don't know... democracy?"

Philosopher: "Human rights? Skepticism? Moral progress?"

Philospoher: "Feminism? Our conception of justice and equality?"

Philosopher: "Logic? Epistemology?"

Philosopher: "The legal and political underpinnings of every existing society?!"

Philosopher: "Ideological and social progress?"
Science dude: "Eh."

Science dude: "To be honest. I'm a rich white guy, so none of that stuff really affects me. I like how i don't have to talk to someone on the phone to order a car to drive me somewhere now, though."
Academic Philosophers: "actually we don't like most of that stuff either, it's more of an unfortunate side affect of the work we do trying to figure out if chairs exist or not."
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