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Nietzsche Faces the Modern Age

Nietzsche: "For ten years i have dwelt in the mountains, and i enjoyed my spirit and solitude, and did not weary of it. "
Nietzsche: "But at last i became weary of my wisdom, like the bee that hath gathered too much honey, and so i decided i must go down, as men say, to whom i shall descend."

Nietzsche: "So uh...yeah, i think that pretty much explains the gap in my employment history..."

Job interviewer: "Okay, but we are looking  or someone with experience in Microsoft Excel, so... thanks for coming in."

Nietzsche: "Dang. Modernity sucks. Oh well, i don't need a job, i need followers."

Nietzsche, in the street: "God is dead! And it is we who killed him! Are we not-"

Stranger: "What are you doing?"

Nietzsche: "I'm trying to gather true followers, obviously."

Stranger: "That's not how you get followers these days, you have to go online."

Nietzsche: "I see..."

Nietzsche, posting online: "“That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger”, this will get me followers. "

Description: his post barely has any likes and all the replies are getting many likes.

Reply: Moron, what if u are maimed??? Think before you post idiot.

Reply: delete ur account.

Replay: Wrong! One time my cousin didn't get skilled and he is weak as shit.

Reply: "wow bad misunderstand of the historical materialist dialectic to think individuals can overcome the collective struggle. delete ur account."

Nietzsche: "On second thought perhaps existence was a mistake."
"Many die too late, and some die too early. Yet strange soundeth the precept: 'Die at the right time!' (after reading internet comments)"
Philosophers in this comic: Friedrich Nietzsche
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