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On The Usefulness of Philosophy

Carnap: "Hey, do you guys ever get the feeling that everything we are doing is totally pointless? "

Wittgenstein: "What do you mean, Carnap, like that life is pointless?"

Carnap: "No Wittgenstein, worse than that: what if...philosophy is pointless!?"

Carnap: "What if all of our arguments are just mental masturbation, and empirical science is the only thing capable of generating real knowledge?"

Wittgenstein: "Don't be stupid, of course philosophy is useful."

Carnap: "How so?"
Wittgenstein: "Without philosophy, how else could we ever determine whether or not we needed philosophy?"

Carnap: "That is true."
Wittgenstein: "Think next time before you say something."
"Also, who else is every going to figure out whether or not chairs exists? Scientists? Not a chance."
Philosophers in this comic: Ludwig Wittgenstein, Rudolf Carnap
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