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The State of Nature: Hobbes vs Rousseau

Thomas Hobbes: "In the state of nature man lives nasty, brutish, and short lives in a war of all against all! "

Jean-Jacques Rousseau: "Wrong, Hobbes! In the state of nature man is free to live simple, peaceful, harmonious lives! They fish, hunt, and live without pride or vanity."

Hobbes: "Wrong Rousseau! In the state of nature if get a fish you are immediately clubbed in the head and your fish is stolen!"
Rousseau: "Wrong, no one steals because they have no concept of envy!"

Hobbes: "In the state of nature you can't ever have a full English breakfast because someone always steals your black sausages!"

Rousseau: "In the state of nature no one will eat disgusting English blood sausages because they eat fresh fruit right off the tree!"

Hobbes: "There is only one way to settle this, we'll visit a primitive village and see for ourselves whose theory is right!"
Rousseau: "Fine!"
Hobbes: "Fine!"

Hobbes: "So? Who was right about men living in the state of nature?"
Native tribesmen: "Well, in a way you are both right. While we mostly live peacefully and cooperate, there is certainly conflict as well. "

Hobbes, annoyed: "Is it just me or in the state of nature do they not know how to dig into a philosophical position and defend it to the extreme?"
Rousseau: "Agreed. I hate it."
Philosophy would be a lot easier if everything were black and white.
Philosophers in this comic: Thomas Hobbes, Jean-Jacques Rousseau
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