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Philosophical Discussion Group

Jeremy Bentham: "Welcome to our philosophical discussion group. First question: Is it morally acceptable to steal bread to feed your starving family? "

Karl Marx: "Of course it is! And he should also do a communist revolution to abolish the system which forces some to starve!"

Philippa Foot: "What about this: a trolley is headed down a track to kill five people but you can divert it to kill one, what do you do?"

Karl Marx: "I would simply do a communist revolution to abolish the system were we must choose who dies for the trolley company's profit."

Judith Jarvis Thomson: "What if a master violinist-"

Karl Marx, interrupting: "I'd do a communist revolution to prevent whatever second half of that sentence was going to be!"

Judith Jarvis Thomas: "Marx, we've been over this. You can't just say “communist revolution” to everything, or we are going to have to ask you to leave."

Karl Marx, flipping over the table: "REVOLUTION!"

Judith Jarvis Thomas: "But nothing changed, the table is just upside down now."

Karl Marx: "The People's table is upside down."
"Trotsky, barging in to flip the table over again: \"permanent revolution!\""
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