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Eternal Recurrence

Teenager one: "I love Nietzsche, he's the greatest. "
Teenager two: "Yeah me too, I consider myself to be an ubermensch, like Napoleon. Or Batman."

Teenager one: "Yeah, me too. Although actually i think you'll find the Joker to be the true ubermensch."
Teenager two: "True. He ignores all the rules."

Teenager one: "Although being an ubermensch makes it hard to relate to people."
Teenager two: "Yeah, everyone is so stupid. Especially women."

Teenager one: "True, the problem i have with modern feminism is that it's based on resentment and... what is that sound?"

Description: Nietzsche burst through the ground, shouting: "ETERNAL RECURRENCE!"

Nietzsche: "I am cursed to return eternally and deliver this message to my followers!"

Teenager one: "What is the message?"
Nietzsche: "The message is..."
Teenager two: "Yes?"

Nietzsche: "That. You. Are. The Stupidest. People. On. Earth."
As John Searle once said: "Nietzsche is like drinking cognac - a sip was good, but you didn't want to drink the whole bottle."
Philosophers in this comic: Friedrich Nietzsche
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