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The Wise Man on the Mountain

Description: a man is climbing a mountain, he reaches a wise man at the top.

Man: "Wise philosopher on the mountain, you have been contemplating the meaning of life for ten years, please enlighten me! "

Wise man: "The meaning of life is..."

Wise man: "...to contemplate the meaning of life!"

Description: the man looks at him suspiciously.

Wise man: "what?"

Man: "Doesn't it seem a bit convenient for a philosopher to say the meaning of life is doing philosophy?"

Wise man: "Whatever, I'd like to see you come up with something better! It's harder than it sounds."
"True wisdom is knowing that you don't know anything." "If you don't know anything, then why the hell did I climb this thing?" "Good point. Perhaps true wisdom is knowing not to climb mountains and ask wise men the meaning of life."
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