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Wittgenstein Solves Philosophy

Wittgenstein, standing in front of an empty paper: "Ladies and gentlemen, i have here the final solution to philosophy."
Wittgenstein turns the page to reveal the next page saying: "Philosophy is stupid...and we shouldn't do it anymore."

Person in audience: "But why-"
Wittgenstein: "Ah ah ah! no, you are trying to ask a philosophical question!"

Person in audience: "Yeah but-"
Wittgenstein: "No! Philosophical questions are empty. We can only discuss facts."

Person in audience: "But Wittgenstein, isn't that an empty statement too?"

Wittgenstein: "Ahh, yes! Well, that brings us to slide two."

Wittgenstein turns the page to reveal the next page saying: "Shut up about this being a self contradiction. I don't give a shit. You know I'm right anyway."
Wittgenstein: "Any other questions? Yeah, i didn't think so."
"Whereof one cannot speak, thereof you know I'm right because...come on."
Philosophers in this comic: Ludwig Wittgenstein
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