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Career Counseling

Career Councilor: "We are just going to do a little exercise to figure out what the best career would be for you."
Student: "Okay."

Career Councilor: "Okay, I want you to imagine a world where you no longer had to work to provide for the basic necessities of life."

Student: "What do you mean?"
Career Councilor: "Well, imagine you didn't have to have a job to pay the rent, for food, etc."

Career Councilor: "This helps people find their real passion in life. So what would you do if you didn't have to work?"
Student: "Well, I guess I would travel. See the world. I also love photography."

Student: "Hmm, so i guess that means i should be a travel photographer, huh? Thanks!"

Career Councilor, who turns out to be Karl Marx: "What? No! You should become a communist revolutionary so you can free all workers from the necessity of laboring for the bourgeoisie in order to live."
Student: "Wait...Karl Marx? You  are my career counselor?"

Karl Marx: "Did you seriously think you could be happy by commodifying your life's passion within the framework of capitalism?"
Student: "I mean..."
Karl Marx: "So you really thought i was going to advise workers to find a more enjoyable way to serve the rich? HahahaHa."
"Here's a bit of free career advice: whenever your boss tries to extract your surplus value, instead of giving it to him punch him in the throat."

You could have seen this comic early if you subscribed to Commune Magazine.

You could have seen this comic early if you subscribed to Commune Magazine.

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