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Stupid Meaning of Life

Sartre: "Our existence precedes our essence. We find ourselves existing, and only after the fact can we define what we are. That means it is up to us what the meaning of our lives is."

Student 1: "So the meaning of our lives can be anything that we want?"
Sartre: "Exactly."
Student 1: "Even if it is something totally stupid?"
Sartre: "Uh...yeah i guess."

Student 1: "Cool! I'm going to dedicate my life to building the world's largest pumpkin pie!"
Student 2: "I'm going to put all my passion into complaining about video games that have too many female characters!"

Sartre: "No...you guys aren't getting it. It has to be your authentic, real desire on how to spend your brief time on earth."

Student 1: "We get it. That's just what we want to do."
Sartre: "No, come on, be serious..."
Student 1: "Hey, you SAID  it could be anything, and it is up to us!"
Student 2: "Yeah!"

Later, Sartre writing at his desk: "Existence precedes essence, but still built into our existence a little bit at least is that the meaning of our lives isn't something totally stupid..."
Hey! Kids! Stop doing the meaning of life wrong.
Philosophers in this comic: Jean Paul Sartre
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