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Marxist Financial Advice

Description: a couple is meeting Karl Marx for financial advice.

Husband: "Thanks for meeting us."

Marx: "Welcome to Marx Financial Advice, what can i do for you?"

Wife: "Well we just can't seem to get any savings, and our debts are mounting. I'm not sure what we are doing wrong, we are both working overtime and it still never seems like enough."

Marx: "Well, looking over your documents it seems like you have huge amount of unnecessary expenses."

Husband: "Really? But we've cut out all luxuries! We are living on only the bare essentials."
Marx: "What? You are spending a ton on luxuries. For example, it says here that you paid for a part of a new yacht."

Husband: "We didn't spend any money on a yacht!"
Marx: "Of course you did. Your boss bought one last month, where do you think he got the money? From his own labor? Ha!"

Marx: "So the first thing we advice all clients is stop spending the money you earned from working on your boss."

Husband: "But how do i do th-"
Marx: "There is another expenditure that i'm confused about."

Marx: "It says here that you spend almost a third of your income on “rent”. Why?"
Husband: "Well, we have to pay rent in order to live."
Marx: "What? No you don't."

Wife: "But where will we live?"
Marx: "What do you mean? The same place."

Marx, leading them through a door: "You see, we have a trademarked debt consolidation program to help people just like you deal with their creditors. Follow me."

Description, Marx is pointing at a guillotine.

Wife: "Is it...behind the guillotine...or?"
Marx: "What? No!"

Marx: "We here at Marx Financial Advice have a motto: always guillotine everyone all the time."

Description: the couple looks horrified at Marx.

Marx: "We are still working on the exact wording of the motto but you get the idea."
"What about a retirement plan? Should we be investing?" "Investing? No, all that will be wiped out when the workers take control. A communist revolution should be your retirement plan."
Philosophers in this comic: Karl Marx
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