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Cthulhu Rises

Description: Cthulhu, an ancient creature, emerges from the ocean.

Cthulhu: "i have observed humanity for 10,000 years, and now i have risen from the depths to destroy mankind!"
Philosopher: "But why?"

Cthulhu: "Oh...uh...i wasn't really anticipating having to explain myself. You did hear that how i've been watching you, right?"
Philosopher: "Yeah, but why destroy everything?
Cthulhu: "Are you serious? You guys do genocides like every 20 years. Your entire history is war, slavery, and brutal exploitation of each other."

Cthulhu: "Not to mention, if anyone is “destroying everything” it is you. How many species did humanity cause to go extinct?"

Cthulhu: "come on! You are currently destroying the planet, and for what? So you can have more TVs? More cars? more beef? More money? It's obvious that humanity causes more suffering than happiness."

Philosopher: "Huh. okay. You actually make a pretty good point."
Besides, what are you so mad about? It's not like you weren't going to destroy yourselves in the next hundreds years or so anyway.
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