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Philosophy News Network: Derrida Arrested

My facebook page has been UNHACKED! So if you unfollowed me after weird stuff was posted, please refollow. I still am trying to get the name changed back but this is the page:
https://www.facebook.com/usaatodaynewss for now.

"And how do you plead to the charge of obscurantism?" "The theory of a 'plea' is organized, understood, and experienced prior to any conscious intention as a theory of language. Before we constructed signs we have a presupposed theory of both implicit thought, grasped as pure presentness, and explicit language, grasped as an obliteration of all signs and structures of thought. These two modes must come together in an infinite manifold in order for any 'plea' to be made." "God damnit Derrida, come on."

See the explanation on comic 182, it's a similar idea.

See the explanation on comic 182, it's a similar idea.

Philosophers in this comic: Jacques Derrida, Willard Van Quine, Simone de Beauvoir
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