A philosophy webcomic about the inevitable anguish of living a brief life in an absurd world. Also Jokes

The Frankfurt Four

Turns out Heraclitus was right. Like he said, fire is awesome, or something like that.

The Postmodernists

that part about the lyres is totally true btw

Philosophy News Network: Derrida Arrested

"And how do you plead to the charge of obscurantism?" "The theory of a 'plea' is organized, understood, and experienced prior to any conscious intention as a theory of language. Before we constructed signs we have a presupposed theory of both implicit thought, grasped as pure presentness, and explicit language, grasped as an obliteration of all signs and structures of thought. These two modes must come together in an infinite manifold in order for any 'plea' to be made." "God damnit Derrida, come on."

Captain Metaphysics and the Postmodern Peril

Strawman Derrida defeated again!

France's Next Great Philosopher

The good looking guy won.

The Bar Fight

Not shown: Camus triumphantly rebelling against the absurd by picking up a woman at the bar.

World Cup Philosophy: Germany vs France

For best results, the commentator should be read in the voice of Michael Palin

Dungeons & Dragons & Philosophers

About half the time spent on this comic was spent on figuring out how exactly Simone de Beauvoir's hair works, and it still ended up looking terrible. I make no apologies for Derrida's hair, however, for no artist alive can capture that glorious mane.
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