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Philosophy News Network: Derrida Arrested

"And how do you plead to the charge of obscurantism?" "The theory of a 'plea' is organized, understood, and experienced prior to any conscious intention as a theory of language. Before we constructed signs we have a presupposed theory of both implicit thought, grasped as pure presentness, and explicit language, grasped as an obliteration of all signs and structures of thought. These two modes must come together in an infinite manifold in order for any 'plea' to be made." "God damnit Derrida, come on."

The Philosophy of Teenage Language

That's right, those penis jokes were just the setup for that sweet, sweet indeterminacy of translation payoff.

Analytic Office

You thought that last joke wasn't going to be an Office Space sketch? No. BOOM! Radical freedom, it's Seinfeld. And a bit of Dilbert.

The Sighting

They sent in a hair sample later, which they had found in the woods, but after the DNA test it turned out to be nothing but a Sasquatch

The Analytics at the Bar

Unfortunately, all the girls left the bar too - scared off by William James

Dungeons & Dragons & Philosophers II: The Analytic Turn

Russell destroyed most of Frege's items too, when he threw the bag of holding into the portable hole. Frege was pretty cheesed off about it at first, but eventually he admitted it was his fault for not realizing that portable holes weren't quite as secure as he had thought.
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