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Wittgenstein at the Zoo

Description: Frege and Wittgenstein are looking at a lion at the zoo.

Frege: "I will we could teach lions English, so we could talk to them."
Wittgenstein: "That's actually a fundamental misunderstanding of what language is."

Wittgenstein: "In order to communicate, we need to not only have words, but a shared understanding of the world."

Wittgenstein: "Even if a lion were to learn the words of English, we still wouldn't be able to communicate with it."

Wittgenstein: "What do lions know of our thoughts? Our social situations? What do we know of theirs?"

Wittgenstein: "Is there anything that a lion could say to us that we could possibly understand? I don't think so."

Frege: "Maybe not."

The lion: "Actually we can understand English fine, we just don't talk around the humans or they'll make us have jobs and pay rent and stuff."
"Also people would start asking questions about the patriarchal structure of lion society that I'm just not ready to answer..."
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