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The Ultimate Secret of Philosophy

Hegel: "Within this temple, it is said the ultimate secret of philosophy is buried. The final truth that solves philosophy once and for all, the Absolute Idea."
Wittgenstein (dressed as Indiana Jones): "We must uncover it, Hegel!"

Hegel: "No, Wittgenstein, it is too dangerous! You must let the dialectic unfold! You cannot jump forward in history!"

Wittgenstein: "Enough, Hegel, the secret of philosophy will be mine!"

Description: Wittgenstein makes his way through the temple, dodging boulders and reaching the center of the temple, where he finds a chest with a tablet.

Wittgenstein: "At last, it is mine!"

Description: The tablet reads "it turns out philosophy is pretty much useless".

Wittgenstein: "Oh."
Also poetry is like...pretty stupid overall.
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