A philosophy webcomic about the inevitable anguish of living a brief life in an absurd world. Also Jokes


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Camus Teaches Elementary Scohol

Camus: "Okay, and that concludes basic arithmetic. "

Camus: "Now we will learn basic philosophy, starting with the most basic question you can ask."
Camus: "Should we all just kill ourselves immediately, or what?"

Camus:  "Can anyone give me ONE good reason why would shouldn't all kill ourselves RIGHT NOW?!"

Student raises their hand.
Camus: "Yes."

Student: "Because God loves us?"

Camus: "Is that some kind of joke or are you really that stupid?"

Camus: "I meant serious answers, like that life is still worth living because you can date a lot of hot babes in your life."
"Yes, life is suffering, but it is still worth living because sometimes you get to make children cry, and that's pretty funny."
Philosophers in this comic: Albert Camus
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