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Immanuel Kant's Day Off

Kant's friend: "Kant, you have to take a break from just doing philosophy! "
Kant: "But that's all i want to do."
Kant's friend: "Just give it a try."
Kant: "Fine."

Kant, at the beach: "i don't like this."

Kant, on a Ferris wheel: "i don't like this."

Kant, parasailing: "i don't like this."

Kant, at a dance club: "i don't like this."

Kant, eating ice cream: "i don't like this."

Kant's friend: "But why don't you like any of it?"
Kant: "Ah yes! Why?"

Kant: "Why indeed?"

Kant, writing philosophy: "This i like."
Later that night Kant finished what was possibly his greatest masterpiece: The Critique of Pure Fun.
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