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The Unexamined Life

Socrates: "The unexamined life is not worth living. "

Student: "What if you don't examine your life, but you were super rich and had sex with all the hottest women?"

Socrates: "Still. Knowledge is true happiness."

Student: "All the hottest dudes?"

Socrates, considering: "Well...."
Socrates: "No, even still, true happiness comes through contemplation. What's better, having sex or understanding beauty itself?"

Student: "Are you kidding? Having sex obviously."

Socrates: "You only think that because you are ignorant!"

Socrates: "For example, last night while you students were out partying and having sex, i was contemplating the pure form of beauty."

Socrates: "And it was PRETTY hot."
Socrates: "also check out my onlyfans where subscribers can see me contemplating the pure forms of beauty."
Philosophers in this comic: Socrates
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