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Meditations on Second Philosophy

Descartes: "Meditations on First Philosophy was so popular, i can't believe it. Everyone is reading my work! "

Descartes: "The publisher is really wanting a sequel, though. What else is a revolutionary philosophy? Hmm..."

Descartes: "I know, instead of practicing methodological doubt I'll try methodological belief! I'll practice believing absolutely everything. Starting with the fact that this is a brilliant idea."

Descartes: "I'll believe everything I hear, to see if I can find at least one fact that cannot be believed."

Person 1: "Did you know if you swallow a watermelon seed a watermelon will grow inside of you?"
Descartes: "I believe it."

Person 2: "Did you know alligators live in the sewers because people flushed them down their toilets?"
Descartes: "Seems reasonable to me."
Person 2: "Also the earth is flat."
Descartes: "Why not?"

Person 3: "The best way to help poor people is to give more money to rich people."
Descartes: "I believe th- wait...what? how?"

Person 3: "Because then they'll hire poor people to do work, and the wealth will trickle down."
Descartes: "Are you stupid?"

Person 3: "No, actually it's all based on math. Check out this graph, it explains why the poor deserve to suffer."
Descartes: "Alright, well i found the one thing too stupid to believe."
Alternate title: "How Descartes Became a Communist."
Philosophers in this comic: Rene Descartes
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