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A Day in the Life of Arthur Schopenhauer

Description: Schopenhauer waking up in the morning.
Schopenhauer: "God dammit I'm still alive! "

Next scene: Schopenhauer hears cracking of whips outside to drive horse carts.
Schopenhauer: "Hey, shut the hell up! I'm trying to explain how stupid Hegel is!"

Next scene: Schopenhauer talking to a woman.
Woman: "Uh, actually i already have a boyfriend."
Woman: "Anyway uh...I've gotta go."
Schopenhauer: "Yeah, well, women are all stupid children anyway and i don't even want a girlfriend! "
Next scene: Schopenhauer with his poodle.
Schopenhauer: "Alright, time for a music break, Atma."
Description: he plays the flute for his poodle and they dance together.

Next scene: Schopenhauer at dinner.
Schopenhauer's mom: "I made you some sandwiches."
Schopenhauer: "Mother, how many times have i told you? You have to cut the crusts off, i don't like crusts!"

Next scene: Schopenhauer going to bed.
Schopenhauer: "Well, time for bed."
Schopenhauer: "God dammit, I lived through the entire day. "
Yes, life is suffering, but look on the bright side: it is short.
Philosophers in this comic: Arthur Schopenhauer
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