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Schopenhauer's Despair

Schopenhauer's Mom: "Hey Arthur, whatcha working on? "
Schopenhauer: "I am demonstrating beyond doubt that life is not worth living."

Schopenhauer: "Life is suffering, and it can be nothing else! Existence is a futile striving and happiness is an illusion."

Schopenhauer's Mom: "Okay, well it sounds like you need to eat. I made you some sandwiches."
Schopenhauer: "I don't need to eat, i need to find a reason to live!"

Schopenhauer's Mom: "Okay, but whenever you start writing about how life is despair, it usually means you are hungry."
Schopenhauer: "I am not hungry, mother! I am just the only philosopher with the courage to gaze into the abyss."

Schopenhauer's Mom: "Whatever you say. I'll just leave these here just in case though..."
Schopenhauer: "Fine, whatever! Just leave me to my despair."

Description: "10 minutes later, she returns"

Schopenhauer's Mom: "Hey, what are you working on now?"

Schopenhauer: "I'm writing about the sublime beauty of music, and how beauty can create joy deeper than any base pleasure!"
Schopenhauer's Mom: "Feeling better then?"

Schopenhauer: "No, uh...life is still suffering and all. I just happened to have moved on to a different topic... for non-sandwich reasons."
Nietzsche said: "if someone cannot cope with his 'psychic suffering', this does not stem from his psyche, to speak crudely; more probably from his stomach", and sometimes I feel like he was talking about Schopenhauer.
Philosophers in this comic: Arthur Schopenhauer
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