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The Life and Philosophy of Michel Foucault

Caption: "Foucault at school. "

Teacher: "Recess isn't for another half hour, Foucault, right now you have to study."
Child Foucault: "This school is nothing but a prison!"

Child Foucault: "Don't you see all see? The teachers use disciplinary techniques to create docile bodies to integrate us into global capitalism! "

Teacher: "Okay but recess still isn't until 10:00."

Caption: "Foucault at the hospital."

Receptionist: "Sit in the waiting room until the doctor calls you."
Young Foucault: "Waiting room? More like the prison room!"

Young Foucault: "The very architecture of this hospital is a monument to the surveillance and disciplinary society that it represents!"
Receptionist: "Okay but...it's just that the doctor is busy with another patient right now..."

Caption: "Foucault at the prison."

Foucault: "Prisons are integrated into a complex disciplinary network that-"
Prison Guard: "Hey! If you don't shut up I'll put you in the hole for a week."

Foucault: "The whole punishment paradigm-"
Prison Guard, grabbing him: "I WARNED YOU!"

Foucault, locked in solitary confinement: "Hmm, it turns out this may be somewhat different than schools and hospitals."
"Prison, it totally sucks man, even worse than I thought." - Michel Foucault, probably, if he ever experienced prison life first hand.
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