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Even Freakier Friday

Girl: "I hate my life, my mother doesn't understand me at all, i wish i could trade places with her!"

Genie: "GRANTED!"

Girl: "But...nothing happened?"
Genie: "No, I switched your minds. You are now your mother and she is you."

Girl: "No you didn't. I am still me."
Mother: "Yeah, me too. "

Genie: "Uh, yes I did. You only think that because you have her memories, and she yours. Memories are stored in the brain, which is part of the body. I only switched your minds."
Girl: "Uh...what?"

Genie: "Look, what “you” are is a transcendent ego. That is to say an metaphysical entity that binds together your various conscious experiences into a single coherent thing, and stays consistent over time. Analogous to a soul."

Genie: "So i put your “soul” into her body, but now you have her  memories, because those are in her brain. However, we construct our sense of personal identity off our memories, so you believe you are her, even though you aren't."

Genie: "Are we clear?"
Girl: "if anything that just leads to more questions."
Genie: "Welcome to philosophy. Anyway, what's your next wish?"

Girl: "Uh, i guess...a million dollars?"
Mother: "Yeah, good choice."
"And for my third wish, I wish that physicalism was true."
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