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Stoic Advice

Person: "Are you the great philosopher, Epictetus?"
Epictetus: "None other."
Person: "I come to you in dire need of advice, please, guide me with you wisdom?"
Epictetus: "Very well, what is your dilemma?"

Person: "I have discovered my wife has been unfaithful! My honor dictates that i must duel him, and bring my wife before the magistrate."

Person: "But she claims she loves me still, and only went to him because of my neglect. She says if i return to her we can live as before, and how i wish it could be so! But i have sworn an oath to uphold the law."

Person: "How can i choose between my honor and my love? Between justice and forgiveness? which form of anguish is preferable, guilt or shame?"

Epictetus: "have you tried just not worrying about it haha."
Person: "What?!"

Epictetus: "Yeah, just like...don't let it effect you. Really it is your reaction to these events that is causing you suffering, when you think about it."

Person: "That's your “wise advice”?! To not care about it?"
Epictetus: "Yeah, just be like “oh well, doesn't bother me.”"

Description: he stabs Epictetus.
Epictetus: "I am not bothered by this turn of events."
This is fine.
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