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Kierkegaard at the Dentist

Schopenhauer: "Hey Kierkegaard, how's it going?"
Kierkegaard: "Not good, Schopenhauer, I'm in complete despair."

Schopenhauer: "Oh? Why is that?"
Kierkegaard: "It's just that i have this horrible toothache."

Schopenhauer: "Oh...uh...okay..."
Kierkegaard: "What?"

Schopenhauer: "It's just, i thought it would be for some kind of...you know... deep existential reason."

Kierkegaard: "Oh right, i mean yeah, deep existential reasons too, life is meaningless and... OWWW ...it's just it hurts all the time, it's so annoying!"

Schopenhauer: "You should probably go to the dentist..."
Kierkegaard: "And just when i thought my despair couldn't get worse!"
Schopenhauer: "Dude, just go, it'll be fine."

Dentist: "Alright, all finished, how do you feel?"

Description: Kierkegaard is sitting in the dentist chair.

Kierkegaard: "I feel a terrible despair, for life is finite and we are alone, without guidance, and yet every choice we make is permanent and absolute, forever closing off the possible lives we could have lived!"

Dentist: "Uh..."
Kierkegaard: "No, that's good, it means the toothache is gone and i can once again focus on the despair that haunts the core of my being. Thank you!"
Sometimes I think I'm in a profound moment of existential dread, but it turns out I just needed a snack.
Philosophers in this comic: Soren Kierkegaard
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