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Immanual Kant Writes His Dating Profile

Kant: "Hey Fichte, can you help me write my online dating profile?"
Fichte: "Uh, sure Kant, let's see it.."

Fichte: "Wait...did you photoshop your head onto someone else's body?"
Kant: "No, that's me!"
DESCRIPTION: (picture of Kant with a toned body at the beach)

Kant: "Well...yes...okay, but remember, all perception is structured by the apparatuses of our minds, and is a merely abstraction of the thing-in-itself, so in a way, aren't all photos “photoshopped”?"

Fichte: "Is that you holding a guitar? You don't play guitar."
Kant: "I just asked for help writing the profile. The pictures are fine. Enough about the pictures!"

Kant: "Okay, it wants to me list three interests."
Fichte: "What do you have so far?"
Kant: "philosophy"

TEXT ON THE SCREEN: "My self-summary: i like reading philosophy and also writing philosophy.
What i'm looking for: Someone who likes philosophy.
My three biggest interests: 1. philosophy 2. 3."

Fichte: "Well, what else do you like?"
Kant: "Can i list metaphysics as a separate thing?"
Fichte: "Kant, no. You have to have some other interest, try to think."
Kant: "Oh wait...i've got it! Epistemology!"
Fichte: "I'm just going to put that you like music and the outdoors."

Kant: "The philosophy of music and the outdoors, i do like that!"
Fichte: "No...just...okay fine. Maybe somewhere out in the universe is an equally big nerd. Good luck."
"Is it always immoral to lie on your dating profile? I mean yeah...but come on guys, I've been on this site for like a year and havn't got any dates...there are limits to every rule."

Hegel and the March of History

Legends say there was a man once who read all the way through Phenomenology of Spirit, cover to cover, but the moment he read the final page he died of exhaustion.

Hegel and Fichte

some people think this comic is educational lol

Kant Goes to Poker Night

"Wait, but isn't stealing also wrong, according the the Categorical Imperative?" "Ah, common mistake, you are applying the maxim too broadly. The maxim of what we are doing isn't 'stealing', it is 'getting one over on Nietzsche', which as you know is not only morally permissible, but in fact a moral imperative."
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