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Herbert Spencer Visits Pittsburgh

Herbert Spencer: "Much like the evolution of species, free market capitalism gives an evolution of society. "

Spencer: "The stronger, more efficient companies survive while the poorly managed ones die off."

Spencer: "The wealthy deserve their position, it is right and natural that superior people who advance society should be at the top."

Spencer: "Likewise, poor laws, in which the government helps the poor with charity, are unnatural. They interfere with the progress of purifying society through the survival of the fittest."

Messenger: "Herbert Spencer, Andrew Carnegie is a great admirer of you and wants to invite you to Pittsburgh to see the advanced industrial production of capitalism in America."

Spencer: "Excellent! A chance to see my ideas in action!"

Andrew Carnegie: "Welcome to Pittsburgh"
Spencer: "Thank you, i can't wait to see how you've improved efficiency so much."
Carnegie: "Great! Let me show you to the factory."

Spencer: "Is the air always this foul? Why doesn't anyone try to prevent the factories from spewing toxic fumes in the air?"

Carnegie: "Ahh, well you see, that's what we call an “externality”."
Carnegie: "You see, we don't have to pay for polluting the air, so if i spent extra money to prevent spewing toxins into the air constantly, and my competitors didn't, i would go out of business. "
Spencer: "Of course..."

Carnegie: "Here is the factory, in all its glory."
Spencer: "Good god, these men look practically dead."

Carnegie: "Well yes, they work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week in the scorching heat."

Spencer: "I think this one might be dead."
Carnegie: "No, he is just... napping, I'm sure."
Spencer: "Right..."

Carnegie: "Although you must agree, if i valued safety over profits and my competitors didn't, well... survival of the fittest, right?"

Spencer: "Why don't they just unionize so they can bargain for safety measures and days off?"
Carnegie: "Well, as you know I respect unions and would never prevent that."

Carnegie, whispering: "...at least that's what I tell the press, if my workers try to unionize I just shoot them."

Carnegie: "So as you see, it's a scientific fact that someone like me should rise to the top. There is nothing unnatural or evil about it."

Carnegie: "So what do you think of the great industrial Pittsburgh?"
Spencer: "Six months residence here would justify suicide."
"Does Capitalism encourage the worst men to have power? No, Americans are just bad."

Potluck Economics

"What did you bring again, Marx?" "I brought the cake." "I thought Engels brought that." "Uh...it's from both of us."
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