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Rational Self Interest

Ayn Rand, speaking to factory workers (as their boss): "Good news everyone! The engineers have created a machine that makes it so we can produce the same amount with only half the work! "

Worker: "Wow, that's great Ayn Rand, so we only have to work half as many hours? "
Ayn Rand: "What? No, you still have to work just as hard."

Worker: "So we get twice the salary? "
Ayn Rand: "Are you kidding? Of course not."

Worker: "So what do we get?"

Ayn Rand: "Nothing, obviously. Do you own the machines they made? No. Oh by the way, i almost forgot to mention, I'm rolling back everyone's pensions. "

Ayn Rand: "You see, according to my philosophy everyone should follow their rational self interest. Which means all for me and none for anyone else. Now get back to work you lousy moochers!"

Description: Some time has passed. The workers are building a guillotine.

Ayn Rand: "What's with the Guillotine?"
Workers: "Well, we decided to follow your advice and act in our rational self interest..."
The biggest mistake the Bolsheviks made was sending Ayn Rand to University and letting her read Nietzsche.

An Ethical Dilemma Finally Resolved

"This is a strawman of Ayn Rand. She would have paid Augustine a fair price for that bread before throwing it in the trash."

Desert Island Economics

"What what will you do without us brave entrepreneurs?"); "I don't know, probably receive the product of our labor in full?"

Mad Marx: The Class Warrior

Marxist Business Consulting

Not shown: Ayn Rand's 40 minute speech about how money is great and rich people are therefore the greatest.

Buried Treasure


Dungeons & Dragons & Philosophers V: The Battle of Five Philosophers

And that was the day that Utilitarians, Objectivists, Communists, and Egoists all united as one: to kill Nietzsche. And also they told him that their group was really hardcore and didn't allow re-rolling characters, so once you died you had to wait outside and not talk.
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