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Angela Davis vs the Liberal Reformers

Description: five identical looking white liberals are sitting at a table.

Liberal: "Gentlemen, prison populations are out of control, and treatment of prisoners is getting worse, not better. We need to find a solution."

Liberal: "Since the 1970s prison population has grown by a factor of seven. America now has more prisoners per capita than any other country."

Liberal: "The conditions of the prison are getting more brutal, educational opportunities for prisoners are being stripped away, in some cases books are even disallowed."

Liberal: "In addition, the justice system is deeply racist, almost one third of black men will pass through a jail or prison in their lives, compared to just four percent of white men."

Liberal: "Once there they are used as cheap labor for multinational corporations to cut costs. Many have even called this slave labor."

Liberal: "We've gathered this panel of the most enlightened, intelligent, elite liberals we could find to solve this problem once and for all."

Description: the camera zooms out to show Angela Davis along with the five white liberals.

Liberal: "Also...we invited Angela Davis because it looked bad that we didn't have any black people on the panel."
Liberal: "So, what should we do?"
Liberal: "What we need to do is ensure humane prison conditions, such as clean water and clean air. 

Angela Davis: "I'm not sure-"
Liberal, cutting her off: "What if we give the cops another $300 million, then they can get to know people better. Also they can buy more armored cars."

Angela Davis: "Spending more-"
Liberal, cutting her off: "We need to give financial incentives to States to incarcerate less kids."
Angela Davis: "Less kids...? Why would any civilized society need to throw children in jail at all?"

Angela Davis: "Why don't we just...abolish prison?"

Liberal: "Blasphemy!"
Liberal: "anarchy! "
Liberal: "Where will we put the burglars!"
Liberal: "Who will protect us from the poor?"

Angela Davis: "People don't steal because there are no prisons, they steal because there are no jobs."

Angela Davis: "Look, if we want to work towards a better society, we should working towards decarceration, imagining a rehabilitative justice, and eventually abolishing the prisons entirely."

Liberal: "Ohhh, now we get it, you've really changed our minds."
Angela Davis: "So you agree we need to work to abolish prisons?"
Liberal: "No, we've changed our minds about you. It's clear you are a danger to society, and we called the FBI on you."

Angela Davis, from behind bars: "God damnit."
So love me, love me, love me, I'm a liberal...
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