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Stoicism City

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"In Ancient Rome, stoic philosopher Seneca founded a city based on Stoic philosophy, where all would live according to nature, and be happy and virtuous. "

Narration: "It was a paradise on Earth, where all followed the teachings of Stoic virtue."

Seneca: "Can i buy some bread?"
Vendor: "There was a drought, so there is no bread to be had."
Seneca: "That is beyond my control so has no effect on my happiness."

Narration: "But then the warlord Agamemnon came to conquer the Stoic city."

Agamemnon: "I will burn this city to the ground if you don't submit to me!"

Seneca: "That's fine. It doesn't bother us."

Agamemnon: "Wait...what did he say?"
Agamemnon's general: "I think he said it doesn't bother them."
Agamemnon: "Alright...i guess, uh...burn it to the ground then."

Description, the city burns, and Seneca is sitting in the fire.

Seneca: "This is fine."
Oh really? It bothers you that Seneca is Roman and Agamemnon is Greek, but he's drawn as a Roman? Not very Stoic of you.
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