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Super Academics

Description: four academics in spacesuits reading books in a space colony.

Person: "Super academics, hurry, our mining facility on Centauri-12 is being destroyed by an alien species! "

Economic Academic: "Good god, that mining facility is worth billions in economic activity, we have to save it right away!"

Science Academic: "I've done some experiments and determined the aliens are vulnerable to high concentrations of heat."

Engineering Academic: "I've engineered a focused laser weapon based on your research."

Philosophy Academic: "I've determined that we have no moral right to kill the aliens!"

Science Academic: "What?!"

Philosophy Academic: "Well, we are colonizing and invading their home world to enrich ourselves. Actually it seems pretty obvious..."

Economics Academic, as all raise their hands: "Who votes to kick super philosopher out of the group?"

Philosophy Academic: "Would it help if i explained that a majority vote can still violate the intrinsic rights of a minority?"

Engineering Academic: "No. Get out or we will laser cannon your face!"
In reality, of course, the academic philosopher would provide the theoretical framework to justify colonialism, but hey we can pretend, right?
Philosophers in this comic: Frantz Fanon
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