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Sartrean Freedom

Sartre: "No matter the circumstance, we are always free, because our very existence is freedom. "
de Beauvoir: "Really, no matter what?"

Sartre: "Yes! Our freedom is transcendent, so cannot be taken away. Only we ourselves can deny our freedom by trying to flee from it."

Description: scene where Sartre is being arrested.
de Beauvoir: "Yeah, but what if the government restricts your liberties?"
Sartre: "I would be more free than ever, for i would be given the choice whether to rebel!"

Description: scene where Sartre is in a prison camp.
de Beauvoir: "But what if you are a prisoner of war?"
Sartre: "I would still have the freedom to think and write!"

Description: Sartre is chained up in a dungeon.
de Beauvoir: "Okay, but what if you are in a dungeon, and you are hands and legs are shackled so you can't move at all?"
Sartre: "Even then! I would be free to interpret my condition."

de Beauvoir: "And how do you interpret your condition like this?"
Sartre: "It freakin' sucks."
"But I could have equally thought it was great. Fifty fifty really."
Philosophers in this comic: Jean Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir
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