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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Question

Dumbledore: "Welcome back, Harry, we have missed you here at Hogwarts.  "
Harry Potter: "Thanks Dumbledore. You know, there was something i was wondering. "
Dumbledore: "What is it? "

Harry Potter: "Well, during my regular muggle education I've been reading a lot of moral and political philosophy."

Harry Potter: "So i was sort of wondering, what is the philosophical justification for keeping magic a secret?"

Harry Potter: "Magic can cure diseases, feed the hungry, and empower the oppressed to up rise against their oppressors."

Harry Potter: "Some philosophers think we should maximize global happiness, other say we should base our society on universal justice. What principle does Hogwarts operate on?"

Dumbledore: "You see, Harry, we here at Hogwarts believe above all else in upholding our own power and privilege, even if all the muggles in the world have to suffer."

Harry Potter: "Based on what philosophical grounding? How do you justify it?"

Dumbledore: "How do we justify it? I thought that was obvious."

Dumbledore: "Harry, we are English."
"But Dumbledore, how does that make us the good guys?" "Don't you know anything, Harry? The good guys are the ones to preserve the oligarchic status quo."
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