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Galileo and the Empirical Technique

Galileo: "Hey everyone! Guess what? I just overturned a thousand year old belief about how fast objects of different weights fall! "

Galileo: "No argument, but watch this!"
Person in crowd: "Oh, cool Galileo, what's your argument? Because Aristotle proved objects fall at a rate proportional to their weight."

Galileo, dropping two weights: "This weight is three times as heavy, but look, they fall at the exact same speed!"

Galileo: "This proves that-"

Person in crowd: "Oh, sorry, i wasn't watching, i was just thinking about how much Aristotle was obviously right."
Person in crowd: "It's so obvious."

Galileo, dropping them again: "Okay, just watch again? See! They hit the ground at the same time, therefore-"
Person in crowd: "Eh, too close to call. Plus, Aristotle already proved heavier things fall faster, so why are we even talking about this?"
Galileo: "Too close to call? It was obvious!"

Galileo: "Fine, let's take it to the top of the Tower of Pisa and observe who is correct."
Person in crowd: "Whatever."

Galileo, at the top of the tower: "Okay, are you ready? Pay attention this time, according to Aristotle one ball should fall three times faster."

Catholic police: "Galileo, for crimes against God, the pope is double-excommunicating you."
Galileo: "What? It doesn't say anything in the bible about heavy objects falling faster!"
Catholic police: "Yeah, but we don't like this whole “observing things” theory so much either."
to be fair looking at stuff and writing down what you see is a pain in the ass
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