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Sartre Writes Nausea

Sartre: "Sex is gross. Sometimes when I'm having sex i think about ants, centipedes and ringworm crawling all over everything."
de Beauvoir: "Why are you telling me this?"

Sartre: "Uh, you know...for deep existential reasons. Because I alone realize the full extent of my freedom and stuff."

Sartre: "Also because insects are just so gross."

de Beauvoir: "So how's the novel coming? Are those your notes?"
Sartre: "Oh, uh yeah, great. It's going to totally reinvent literature."
de Beauvoir: "Let me see."

de Beauvoir: "Wait, is this it? You talking about how ants are gross? And...looking at a tree?"
Sartre: "Well they are gross. And trees are weird when you really look at them."
de Beauvoir: "Sartre, what the hell? No one is going to read this."

Sartre: "I have other stuff too!"
de Beauvoir: "Oh yeah, like what?"

Sartre: "I have this great idea about someone who is trying to write a book but having a hard actually sitting down and writing it."
de Beauvoir: "Can i see that part?"

Sartre: "This may shock you but i haven't so much written that part yet, i was busy looking at trees."
Telling people "write what you know" is how we ended up with 100 books about somewhat depressed, aimless 30 year old men who are struggling to write a novel.
Philosophers in this comic: Jean Paul Sartre
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