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Philosopher's Beard

Person: "They say that the wiser a philosopher is, the longer and more illustrious his beard grows."
Aristotle: "It's true."

Aristotle: "I created formal logic, which is why i have been able to grow such an amazing beard."

Plato: "That's nothing, Aristotle, my theory of forms changed the intellectual world for a thousand years."

Avicenna: "Your theories are as weak as your beard, Plato, i proved with logic beyond any doubt that God exists, because a necessary existent with no contingency cannot NOT exist."

Marx: "Child's play Avicenna. My Marxist method upended both the philosophical world and the world of history, leading to both new theories and great revolutions!"

Aristotle, look at a man with an enormous, twenty foot long beard: "Oh my god, what truth did you discover?"
Long bearded man: "Me?"
Marx: "Yes, you must be a VERY wise philosopher."

Long bearded man: "Well, i was the first person to realize that you can drink a cold beer while you take a shower."

Aristotle: "Incredible!"
Plato: "Amazing!"
Avicenna: "Such wisdom."
Also I never bothered to read Hegel.
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