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A Brief History of Philosophical Skepticism

Socrates, 370 b.c.: "I don't know anything but my own ignorance."
Pyrrho, 250 b.c.: "I don't know if what is before my eyes is real."
Al-Ghazali, 1070: "I don't know if my own faculties of reason are real."
Descartes, 1640: "I don't know if anything is real but my existence."
Spinoza, 1670: "I don't know if God is real."
Berkeley, 1715: "I don't know if anything but my ideas are real."
Hume, 1750: "I don't know if what is real today will still be real tomorrow."
Kant, 1780: "I don't know if appearances are the same as true reality."
Derrida, 1970: "Shit man, i don't even know what words mean. I mean like, what the hell is a word, anyway? Who knows. Probably no one."
Also...what even is "writing clearly"? I'm not sure it exists.
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