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Bertrand Russell has a Near Death Experience

Description: Bertrand Russell walking with Frege.

Bertrand Russell: "So as you can see, logical atomism can explain anyth-"

Description: a piano falls from the sky and lands right next to Russell.

Russell: "Oh my god, i could have died!"

Russell: "Everything seems different, the colors are brighter, the sunset more beautiful. I feel like a new man!"

Russell: "From this day forward i will live life as i've always wanted to! I will do the things i've always dreamed of doing."

Description: "The next day..."

Frege: "What are you doing? I thought you were going to live life to the fullest?"
Russell: "I am!"

Russell: "I am grounding math in logic, once and for all!"
Frege: "But isn't that exactly what you tried before, and failed to do?"

Russell: "Yes, but this time no paradoxes, you see, i have a multi tiered system, sets from higher tiers can only contain sets from lower tiers!"
Frege: "Ugh...not again."
"Also, I've decided to get married again, and this time no divorce!"
Philosophers in this comic: Bertrand Russell
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