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What is Existentialism?

Sartre: "What is existentialism?"
Sartre: "It is the philosophy of freedom."
Sartre: "We are born into the world without any essence - we are uniquely able to self create what we are. We are absolutely free."
Person in crowed: "Wow, that sounds like a wonderful philosophy."
Sartre: "Oh also...did i mention how freedom manifests itself as a crushing anxiety, since every choice we are forced to make forever closes off all other possible lives we could have lived, as we helplessly hurdle towards death, which finally severs off our life's projects, rendering them meaningless as they disappear into the void?"
Sartre: "So it's more like you are condemned to be free."
Sartre: "Where are you guys going? It's still a wonderful philosophy, come on! You didn't even get to hear about the inescapable burden of knowing you alone are responsible for every choice you make."
Sartre: "It is a wonderful philosophy!"
Also there is no point to anything and then you die. But you are super free in the meantime, so...
Philosophers in this comic: Jean Paul Sartre
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