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Zeno's Pyramid

[description]: Zeno of Elea giving a presentation.

Zeno: "Gentlemen, i have a spectacular philosophical research project that will not only reveal the mysteries of the universe, but also reveal the mysteries of making huge amounts of money."
PERSON: "Okay, that's sounds interesting, Zeno of Elea, what is it?"

Zeno: "What if i told you that if you invest in Zeno's Essential Olive Oil Company, i can guarantee an INFINITE return on your investment."
PERSON: "I don't know, that seems too good to be true..."

Zeno: "Just sign up here, gentlemen, and soon you'll be rich beyond your dreams."
Zeno: "Oh really, is time too good be to be true? Is motion too good to be true?!"

Zeno: "You sell olive oil, and recruit people to sell underneath you. You then get part of the money they make, and part of the money of anyone they recruit. Everyone keeps recruiting - eventually leading you to an infinite stream of income."

PERSON: "Uh...i don't know, it just sort of seems like a pyramid scheme."
Zeno: "Yeah, but think about this. In order for me to come up with a Pyramid Scheme, first i'd have to halfway come up with one, right?"

Zeno: "And then I'd have to halfway come up with the rest of the scheme, and so on. This can't be a pyramid scheme because pyramid schemes are impossible!"
PERSON: "That does sort of make sense."

Another philosopher: "How did they buy that? The whole “halfway there” thing doesn't work with concepts."
Zeno: "yeah...i think the real paradox is how society still more or less functions despite how dumb everyone is."
In order to lose all your money to this scam, first you have to lose half of it. Oh and by the way you already lost half of it.
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