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Philosophy News Network: Street Philosophy

Simone de Beauvoir: "We come to you live with breaking report, are your children learning dangerous philosophy....ON THE STREET?!"

News Ticker:" NBC's “The Next Great Philosopher” canceled after everyone realized philosophy is boring."

de Beauvoir: "It is estimated that approximately one in five teenagers will encounter some form of illegal street philosophy before the age of eighteen. Bertrand Russell comes to us with this shocking report."

News Ticker: "Philosopher's union criticize the new infrastructure bill for lack of armchairs"

Bertrand Russell: "Thank you, de Beauvoir. I are here with with an illegal street philosopher, selling his ideas in Paris. He prefers to stay anonymous."

Althusser: "No, i told you, my name is Louis Althusser. You said this would be on television. I'm trying to become a famous intellectual!"

Althusser: "Hey kid, want a structural critique of reformist socialism?"
Kid: "Hook me up, man."

Russell: "So tell me, why sell your philosophy here, rather than through the traditional structure of the university?"
Althusser: "Because the university is part of the ideological state apparatus which controls and re-enforces the hegemonic ideology of the ruling capitalist class. "

Althusser: "Also, have you seen the academic job market?"

Russell: "So what-"

Althusser: "Hey!"

Althusser: "Zizek, stop stealing my philosophy!"
Zizek: "The concept of owning ideas is part of ruling class ideology!"
Althusser: "I know, that's MY idea!"

Russell: "Back to you, de Beauvoir."

News Ticker: "The Hard Problem of Consciousness solved after everyone agrees they are sick of talking about it."

de Beauvoir: "Thank you, join us next week for our report on epistemological skepticism. What is impossible to know? And can it kill you?"

News Ticker: "Aaron Rodgers draws controversy after admitting he doesn't believe in counter-factuals"
Under communism, you won't be able to own an idea. If you steal other people's ideas you will still be widely regarded as a loser, however.

Pure Ideology, by MC Zizek

Description: "Slavoj Žižek dancing to the tune of “can't touch this” but not that much to the tune of “can't touch this” because it doesn't really match up."

"My ideology makes me so hard, makes me say oh my Lord. Thank you for blessing me with mind to think and two hype feet."

"that's good to analyze the media a super dope homeboy from Slovenia"

"And that's what i am, as you can see And this is the beat of my ideology"

"I'm the freshest philosopher since Lacan great new ideas and so on, and so on..."

"when you think what brands you buy is your identity when they frame all politics in terms of the economy"

"when you think we can only make minor adjustments to policy when they tell you health care is a “political impossibility”"

"pure ideology"

"the thought that the government is looking out for you how the fat panda still ends up doing kung fu"
"pure ideology"

"anal sex"

"break it down"

"capitalism survives not just on the control of property but also on the control of the population's ideology"

"corporations own every form of media that you'll ever see the rich direct knowledge and we call it “free”"

"obeying the wealthy is what we call liberty."

"Why? Pure. Pure ideology."
My God. That was terrible.

The Twilight Zone, with Slavoj Zizek

But wait, you didn't let me finish, we've also increased the tax on the rich by two percent!

The Bar Tab

Dennett tried to explain that money is just an emergent property of commerce, but had to eventually concede that money did still exist in some sense, so had to pay.
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